Body tanning

Schick chooses Sunescape tanning solutions, born in Bondi and made in Australia, a safer alternative in fake tan products. Sunescape amazing smell will capture you instantly. The moisturising base leaves the skin hydrated and supple, fading like a natural tan. It will not flake, appear blotchy, streak or make you look orange. There is no offensive odour or carcinogenic chemicals so it’s safe to be used during pregnancy. It is so gentle that sufferers of psoriasis and eczema can experience an all over body glow without any side effects. Contains no ethinol or amonia. Sunescape has three colours starting at Weekend in Bondi, Week in Fiji and Month in Maui. Sunescape also provide homecare options to extend your tan on holidays.

We supply disposable g-strings for your convenience or you may wear your own bathers or go nude, we understand the importance of having no tan lines.


Our fabulous filtered tanning booth ensures excess spray tan product is swiftly sucked away and your tan is instantly dried.

Partial body tan
Full body tan