At Schick we believe that the eyes tell a thousand stories and require special attention wether that be professional treatments in salon, homecare products to prevent signs of ageing or enhance your natural features with correct makeup application. What ever your concern might be, we would prefer you make an informed decision after we provide the right professional recommendations for you.

Semi-permanent Eyelash Extensions Schick chooses Xtreme eyelash extensions, the most renowned system on the market world wide. After a consultation Schick's eyelash stylists can create a look that best suits your lifestyle or needs. Xtreme Lashes offer's the widest range of thicknesses, lengths, colours and degree of curl to accentuate or compliment your eyes. Diamantes can also be used to give that extra sparkle. Xtreme lashes are not fake eyelash strips, they are semi permanent single strand synthetic extensions curved to replicate a natural eyelash. As lashes naturally renew themselves every 12 weeks Xtreme extensions can last up to 10-12 weeks, however with ongoing refills every 2-4 weeks you can have permanently enhanced lashes and never have to worry about mascara again. With over 12 years experience with Xtreme lashes Schick is the leader in eyelash extensions in Canberra as our clients constantly remind us.

Schick provide superior high performance eye treatments which give instant results to help with concerns such as dark circles, puffy irritated eyes, fine lines, pigmentation, dehydration or giving you that lift for that special night. Ask about our eye upgrades with your next facial appointment.

Schick uses the finest quality lash and brow tinting for a professional, long lasting result. Using a cream activator we ensure minimal discomfort during the developing process.

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